Youth Articles

Getting Your Youngster In The Blind

By Craig Rose

As another season approaches, we all are getting our gear together and preparing for the upcoming season. Decoys are painted and restrung, guns are cleaned, waders are patched, dogs are prepared and lastly for some of us, children are getting ready to be taken out for the first time. Read more »

Keep Your Child Interested in Fishing Through Repetition

By Doug Leier

Over the years, I've detailed my successes and failures of getting my kids “hooked on fishing. Call me a bit disconnected, but I don’t see how kids cannot enjoy fishing. And I’ve never heard my kids say they don’t want to go fishing. Read more »

Take a Child Hunting

By Luke Erickson

When I was younger, I remember the first day of duck season to the last. My grandpa would take me with to the blind every day, before and after school. I would always get excited for the alarm to go off in the morning and get ready to role. Read more »

Youth In the Field

By Jonathan Olson

When you see somebody that takes youth out hunting, a person instantly thinks its a great thing to take the time out of their normal routine of hunting to teach them their ways. Read more »