Upland Articles

Pheasant Hunting for the Average Guy

By Daniel Driessen

As I reflect back on the past 30 years of chasing the ring-necked pheasant around North Dakota, one thing stands out from everything I have learned about this non-native game bird...timing. For the diehard pheasant hunter who gets plenty of weekends in, they will find their birds; but what about the guy who only gets a chance to hit the field 3-4 times a year? Read more »

Pheasant Populations in North Dakota

By Doug Leier

In true form of human nature, if you ask three people the same question, there’s a fair chance you’ll get three different answers, even if there’s a common theme. Read more »

Pigeon Hunting...Have You Tried It??

By Josh Sowada

I wanted to take this opportunity to write about one of my new favorite activites; pigeon hunting. I am an avid waterfowl hunter and, in the off season, it is hard for me to think about most other things than waterfowl until this past summer. Read more »

Roosters in the Winter

By Doug Leier

October is sort of an early Christmas present for those of us who like to spend as much time as possible on the outside of the window. Hunting seasons for just about everything are open, and fall fishing can be just as hot as summer, but without humidity and mosquitoes. Read More»