Waterfowl Articles

The Act of Disappearing

By Adam Haut

Blinds have been used since the dawn of hunting. For waterfowlers, it has been no different. Early blinds were made from natural surrounding habitats.... Read more » 

Considerations for Beginners When Building a Decoy Spread

By Aaron Pinske

In my opinion, building a decoy spread is the cornerstone to preparing for hunting waterfowl. It's something that needs some forethought and planning before you ever place a decoy in the water or on a field. Read more »

Decoy Placement For Early Season Geese

By Aaron Pinske

Over the years, I have tried several different spreads for geese and have learned many things through trial and error. The best advice I an give for setting up your early season goose spread is called the baseball diamond. Read more » 

Do You Go The Distance

By Justin Kornkven

Have you ever been asked or have you asked yourself why we do this thing we call waterfowling? The reason why I have this huge passion for waterfowl is because there is nothing more that brings excitement to me than seeing ducks maple-leafing into the kill hole,  Read more » 

Drought: Not Always a Bad Thing

By Craig Rose

With the 2012/2013 waterfowl season all but behind us, I take the time to look back at the year that was or, for others, the year that was not. Read More»

Everyone Has A Memory

By Austin Lemieux

Everyone has their own favorite hunting memory. Whether it be chasing a big whitetail during the rut of a big flock of honkers locked up and committed into your decoys. Mine was a quick, blissful memory with my father in the middle of a cut corn field. Read more » 

How It All Began

By Shawn Weissenfluh

My addiction for waterfowl hunting began 12 years ago at a National Wildlife Refuge in central Minnesota. It was the youth waterfowl-hunting day and I will never forget it. Read more »

Hunting Late-Season Birds

By Justin Kornkven

The end of October and first part of November used to be late season for us waterfowlers here in North Dakota.  The North Dakota winters used to come a lot earlier back in the 1920’s – 1950’s. Read more »

The Importance of Banding Birds

By Doug Leier

I've learned through watching, listening and observing my kids how routine questions can often perplex adults. It's easy to just brush it off with a quick response of "I don't know" or some other redirection response. Read more »

Late Season Goose Hunting

By Nick Surma

In the world of goose hunting, almost nothing is more rewarding than a pile of smart, late season honkers. By the end of November, geese have seen and hear it all; blinds, decoy spreads, and every call imaginable. Read more » 

My Snow Goose Addiction

By Jonathan Olson

Snow goose hunting has been a part of my life ever since I was able to handle a gun. My Grandfather, who has been a huge influence on my life, always had a passion for hunting snow geese. The very first time that I saw a tornado of snow geese landing in a stubble field in Northern North Dakota, my eyes were wide and fixated. Read more »

Scouting For Early Season Honkers

By Josh Sowada

As summer draws to an end, that can only mean one thing; early goose season is right around the corner. Here in the Midwest, early season offers some of the best honker hunting you'll find. With the season starting in August, it makes it tough to pre-scout as we move closer to open season. Read more » 

Scouting the Right Field

By Jonathan Olson

Can you ever be sure that you are scouting the right field for your next waterfowl hunt? Of course not, but there are some measures that you can make to increase your odds. These are my key general factors in successful field hunt for waterfowl. Read more » 

A Snow Goose Hunter

By Austin Lemieux

My alarm buzzed; it sounded like a tornado siren going off in my room. I glanced over and sure enough, it was 3:30 A.M. As I finished getting stuff ready, I told myself it was worth it. Read more » 

Three Spring Snow Goose Hunting Migration Stages

By Jonathan Olson

I have hunted snow geese for several years and have tried many different tactics over those years. There are different stages of the migration that you need to be aware of. Read more » 

Waterfowl Hunters vs. Waterfowl Addicts 

By Matthew Doucette 

Hunting is a great sport shared by a variety of people. Some people enjoy just strolling through the woods or watching the sun rise over a slough. I enjoy these same things but as an addict, there is more to it. Read More»

Waterfowl Rig and Trailer Maintenance

By Marcus Bergstrom

As the season nears closer and closer, I know a lot of us are taking out our gear and checking it over. We're looking at everything from decoys and calls to blinds and guns. What a lot of guys forget to check over is "the rig". Read more » 


By Luke Erickson

There is only one thing that gets my heart beating out of control and that thing is waterfowl hunting. Waterfowling has it's ups and downs though. Most hunters go out opening day trying to kill a lot of birds but that is only part of the definition of waterfowl hunting. Read more » 


Winter Waterfowl

By Doug Leier

One of the most interesting facets of being an outreach biologist is the variety of work involved. A few weeks back, I assisted with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s mid-winter waterfowl survey, as I’ve done in the past, and which biologists across the nation do each year. Read more »