Junior Field Staff

North Dakota

Matt with some honkers

Matt Aberle

Matt is from Bismarck, North Dakota and farms near Menoken, ND. His entire family are avid pheasant and deer hunters and also enjoy an occasional goose hunt. Matt's grandpa has been the greatest hunting and outdoors influence he's had. Matt started pheasant hunting at age eight; carrying a .410 with no shells just so he could get practice with a gun. He also loves to deer hunt and recently shot a 150 class whitetail. Fishing is also a great hobby of Matt's and he tries to get on the lake as much as possible. For the last three years, though, his greatest passion has been waterfowl hunting. Matt's waterfowl addiction began when he was 12 years old when he squeezed into the same blind as his Dad on a honker hunt one foggy morning in ND and hasn't stopped chasing waterfowl since!

denver with some geese

Denver Dvorak

Denver is from Fairdale, ND and has been surrounded with outdoor sports since he can remember. His dad and him would go deer hunting around their farm and they have been taking fishing trips to Wisconsin for salmon. Denver's true passion is waterfowl hunting. When he's not hunting, he's scouting. He's always looking for that perfect field. During the weekends, Denver loves nothing more than watching his hard work force a giant honker to commit, with wings locked, going straight into the landing area. He spends as much time as he can outdoors!

travis with a pile of canada geese

Travis Hinkley

Travis is 17 years old and is from Fargo, North Dakota. He's been fishing since he was little and has recently become obsessed with hunting. Waterfowl season is his favorite season; he specifically enjoys field hunting geese. Travis' favorite part of waterfowl hunting is scouting birds for days and getting everything ready to go knowing a great hunt is in store. To Travis, hunting is a family and friend affair, along with a lifestyle.

Colton with his black lab

Koltan Ohnell

Koltan is from Bismarck, North Dakota and, interestingly, did not come from a hunting background. His neighbor took him on a waterfowl hunt one time and since then, Koltan has been hooked. He has been hard at waterfowl hunting for the last five years and loves smacking the ducks and geese. Koltan has invested into the sport quite a bit and says it has definitely payed off. You can find Koltan in the field every weekend, whether it is in a tree stand or a corn field. He loves the outdoors with a passion! Waterfowl is Koltan's number one passion but he also bow hunts and loves to fish!

Kyle Triebold

Kyle Triebold is from Valley City, North Dakota and has been Addicted to the outdoors since he was six years old. His dad took him deer hunting and filled his tag right there with him. Kyle was hooked on deer hunting ever since, but more recently, waterfowl has been his obsession. One of Kyle's friends took him out on a wet, cold, miserable field goose hunt where they were skunked but that's where his passion began. During the winter, Kyle practically lives in their ice house chasing jumbo perch and walleye. When summer rolls around, he is starting to gear up for upcoming hunting seasons. Kyle's Addiction is a year-round thing that will never end!

jared with a canada goose

Jared Undem

Jared Undem is 15 years old and is from Valley City, North Dakota. He has been hunting waterfowl for about four years but has been hunting since he was old enough to hold a gun. Jared also likes to hunt deer and coyotes, and enjoys target shooting with his bow. His passion for the outdoors extends year-round; Jared is always looking forward to the next season!

South Dakota

sterling with a bunch of birds

Sterling Gehrke

Sterling is from Castlewood, South Dakota and has been hunting with his Dad since he was five years old, sitting in the deer blind or in the goose pits. He can usually be found on a horse at the rodeo or in the field hunting. Sterling did not get into decoying ducks and geese until about four years ago when he bought his first spread of a few dozen old Big Foot decoys and has not looked back since. He loves taking his dog with him on hunts, watching her progressively improve whether it is retrieving a goose or pointing a pheasant. Sterling also enjoys chasing whitetails and recently shot a deer with his bow that scored 155". If it is ducks and geese in his face or a whitetail walking under his stand, he loves every minute of it!

Isaac Geiger

Isaac has lived in Watertown, South Dakota all of his life and spends just about everyday in the outdoors. He grew up fishing with his Dad and also races snowmobiles. When Isaac was six, he moved just outside of city limits to a house on Lake Pelican. As a result, he was able to go fishing every day. If Isaac was not found at home, his parents knew he was on the neighbors dock. Isaac ice fishes as much as he can during the winter and loves every minute of it. When Isaac is not hunting or fishing, he is racing motocross. He has won three outdoor track championships, three indoor championships, and qualified for and raced the amateur arenacross championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. Living in SD, pheasants were Isaac's starting point for hunting. Now, he tends to stick mainly to waterfowl and can never get enough of the in-your-face action! Every day in the field is a learning experience for Isaac and he can never wait to try out something he learned on a previous hunt. Isaac is really looking forward to chasing snow geese across the country during the spring.


jordan with a goose

Jordan Stauber

Jordan is from Sheboygan, Wisconsin and has been hunting with his Dad since he could walk. He is the owner of JN Outdoors, which guides hunts with friends and also does mentor hunts for youth. Jordan's addiction began when he went hunting with his father at age 3 and hasn't slowed down ever since. He's been hunting for 12 years now and will be active in the outdoors for the rest of his life. Jordan also enjoys trap shooting and has been the Sheboygan County Junior champion and competes in the Wisconsin State Championship every year. His passion for the outdoors is second to none!