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Americans Outdoor Recreation is on the Rise

By Doug Leier

Seeing more people fishing, hunting and getting outdoors is great news for America's economy and conservation heritage. Read More»

Aquatic Nuisance Species

By Doug Leier 

Even if May just finally feels like spring for many of us, in most years by the time May rolls around, many anglers have already enjoyed a few outings wetting a line. Read More»

The Four Components of Good Habitat

By Doug Leier 

Wildlife management has changed over time. One prime example is the historical practice of feeding wildlife - deer, birds and just about everything in between, especially during winter when people perceive a shortage of food. Read More»

Game, It's What's For Dinner

By Adam Justinger

Many outdoorsmen, their families and friends, complain about the taste of wild game and often don't want to eat it. This results in people either giving it away to other people or letting it sit in the bottom of your freezer until it gets freezer burnt, ultimately ending up at the curb. Read more »

Hunting for Morel Mushrooms

By Tim Brown

What does everyone think of when spring comes around? Turkey hunting? Walleye opener? Crappie spawn and smallmouth bass fishing? Well, there are a few of us crazy people out there that love finding morel mushrooms too! Read more »

The Importance of Off-Season Shooting

By Josh Sowada

Well, it’s the middle of summer. Do you know what that means? It means hunting season is just around the corner; especially for those of you that hunt doves and early season geese. So let me ask you this; what are you doing to make sure that your shot is top notch by hunting season? Read more »

The Importance of Quality Habitat

By Doug Leier

For years, biologists have stressed the importance of habitat in maintaining healthy wildlife populations in the long term. Read more »

Midwest Winters Can Be Challenging

By Doug Leier

Many animals have adaptations that help them get through winter, but in some years even those natural defenses are not a sure hedge against death. Read more »

North Dakota Outdoors

by Doug Leier

Few in the Midwest will question the role of hunting, fishing and trapping when it comes to quality of life. If you’ve ever watched the sun come up from a duck blind or witnessed the expression of a determined youngster tussling with a formidable fish at the end of a line, you’ll understand that it’s difficult to put price on our outdoor activities and traditions. Read More»

Preparing For The Worst

By Aaron Pinske

At some point during the hunting season, no matter what time of year, you will run in to some bad weather. More than once, I have gone out to the field without some piece of extra clothing or gear when the weather has switched where I could have really used it. Read more »

South Dakota: Endless Outdoor Opportunities

by Andrew Richwalski

South Dakota offers an abundance of opportunity for the outdoor enthusiast. With a little intel and some experience, the possibilities are endless. Read More»

Success: In the Eye of the Beholder

By Doug Leier

Quality and success are two of the more difficult terms with which fisheries and wildlife managers struggle. In fact, many hunters and anglers would probably nod in agreement that defining quality and success is about as easy as explaining a normal weather pattern. Read More»