Dog Training Articles

Dog Conditioning for Early Season Honkers

By Josh Sowada

Here in South Dakota (and other states in the Midwest), early goose season opens in mid-August. During that time, temperatures are still fairly warm; warm temperatures and heavier birds make it tough for a bird dog that is not in proper physical condition. Read more »

Gun Dog Conditioning

By Josh Sowada

It is roughly nine months on average from the end of hunting season to the start of the next season. This is the time (especially during the summer) where we can work with our dogs and get them conditioned and ready for next season. Read more »

Mans Best Friend

By Jonathan Olson

Everyone knows that a dog is known as "Mans Best Friend" and there are many reasons why this statement is a very true. My name is Jonathan Olson and I want to tell you a little bit about me and my hounds. Read more » 

Pre-Season Dog Conditioning

By Josh Sowada

All too often, opening day of the season comes around and we have the fields scouted, blinds covered and decoys ready but your dog is out of shape. The best way to avoid this is simple conditioning drills. Read more »

Retriever Training: Thinking Outside The Box

By Shane Shepperson

As every bird hunter knows, a retriever is one of the most valuable tools to gather your quarry. Without your trusted hunting companion, retrieval of a good percentage of your game would be lost. Read more »

Training Your Retriever

By Josh Sowada

I want to take some time to talk about starting to work with your retriever as a puppy. I will discuss some basic obedience drills and then take a look at some basic retrieving drills. Read more »