Big Game Articles

Elk Hunting During the Rut

By Michael Brinkman

September has come and the time is here; the air has chilled, the leaves are starting to turn and the bulls are bugling. You have spent months preparing; here are a few things as a professional elk hunting guide that I can provide you to help you succeed while chasing the magnificent white ghost! Read more »

A Memorable Elk Hunt

By Jonathan Olson

Every year, Colorado has a drawing for a certain amount of elk tags in different zones of the state.  In 2010, I drew for an elk tag in Colorado along with my friend Tom Peterson.  The both of us were very happy to be selected as this was our very first time ever elk hunting. Read More»

The Orange Army

By Levi Burton

This year, I heard more about the "Orange Army" than any other year. In fact, maybe I'm behind times but I first heard about the "Orange Army" this year. What is the "Orange Army" you ask? Let's find out... Read more »

Second Rut...Fact or Fiction?

By Shawn Weissenfluh

As a whitetail hunter, we cannot wait for the rut to get going and for the woods to be on fire with bucks chasing does. Every year, around the same time, bucks have one thing on their mind - does. Read more » 

Top 5 Tag Punching Tips

By Sean Evenson

As each deer season comes to an end, I am often overcome by feelings of both sadness and relief. Sadness in that I now have to wait another nine months or so until the next deer season begins, but yet relief in that all of my effort has finally resulted in what lies at the end of a blood trail. Read more » 

Whitetails Across the Season

By Shawn Weissenfluh

Every deer hunter has a certain time of year they would rather chase whitetails.  For some, early season is the most exciting. For others, the rut is the most anticipated. Read more »