About Us

Jon sitting next to an elk

Jonathan Olson

I am originally from a small town in Minnesota where I grew up with hunting in my life from a very young age. By the time I was six, I was shooting a 20 guage shotgun at glass bottles propped up on some wood piles. As the years went on and I was old enough to hunt, I knew I had a passion that would last me a long time. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that basically spent all their time hunting and trapping. From this, I always put hunting as a top priority in my life and would travel all over the map to hunt whatever was in season.

Currently, I live in North Dakota, which is a mecca for any hunting enthusiast! Living here has only made my passion stronger as the opportunities are endless for anyone with an addiction for hunting! I wanted to create this site so I can not only share some of the knowledge that I have gained through trial and error, but also learn from others that have experienced other situations that I may not have experienced before. I want to personally thank you for visiting the site and I hope that you find it very useful for any and all of your Hunting Addictions!

Brian with snow geese

Brian Klein

I am from the suburbs of Milwaukee Wisconsin. I grew up training English Setters with my Dad, and following him and my uncles around just waiting for my chance to join the hunt.From the beginning, I knew a fire and passion burned inside of me to be a hunter.To me, it was just natural; a passion that was fueled from deep inside my soul. I was lucky to grow up with parents and family that supported me in my hunting, fishing, and trapping endeavors, as most of my family is also outdoors-people.

I knew early on in high school that Mississippi River bluff country was where I wanted to be.I attended college at University Wisconsin-Platteville where I was able to hunt, fish, forage, and run my dogs every day.Hunting always has been at the top of my priorities and I travel all over the world and forego sleep in pursuit of my dreams while still balancing school or work priorities.

I currently live in New Berlin, Wisconsin but continue to travel relentlessly in search of new hunting adventures.I have always been passionate about the outdoors, and this passion fueled me to start an outfitting and guide service which allows me to share and teach my experiences to others. The idea to join Shawn and Jon with the Hunt Addictions website came about because we all share a passion for the outdoors and enjoy talking to like-minded people and sharing ideas, experiences, and gaining knowledge from each other’s experiences.