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Hunt Addictions

At Hunt Addictions, we strive to be your one-stop-shop for all of your hunting addictions. Here you will find an abundance of information that will help you in the field. Jonathan Olson and Shawn Weissenfluh are striving to provide you a site with information that is not so easily accessed without shuffling through multiple web pages, brochures, or even hotlines. We will be here every step of the way through your hunting adventures and we hope that you will keep wanting to come back for more.

Most Recent Articles

The Act of Disappearing

by Adam Haut 

Blinds have been used since the dawn of hunting. For waterfowlers, it has been no different. Early blinds were made from natural surrounding habitats.... Read more » 


Deadly Spring Turkey Tactics

by Sean Evenson 

As spring approaches each year, my thoughts begin to migrate towards the upcoming turkey season. Although I have only been hunting turkeys for about eight years now, mature gobblers have quickly become one of my favorite quarries. Read more »  


Winter Waterfowl

by Doug Leier 

One of the most interesting facets of being an outreach biologist is the variety of work involved. A few weeks back, I assisted with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s mid-winter waterfowl survey, as I’ve done in the past, and which biologists across the nation do each year. Read more »  


Pheasant Hunting for the Average Guy

by Daniel Driessen 

As I reflect back on the past 30 years of chasing the ring-necked pheasant around North Dakota, one thing stands out from everything I have learned about this non-native game bird...timing. For the diehard pheasant hunter who gets plenty of weekends in, they will find their birds; but what about the guy who only gets a chance to hit the field 3-4 times a year? Read more »  


Preparing For The Worst

by Aaron Pinske 

At some point during the hunting season, no matter what time of year, you will run in to some bad weather. More than once, I have gone out to the field without some piece of extra clothing or gear when the weather has switched where I could have really used it. Read more »


Second Rut...Fact or Fiction?

by Shawn Weissenfluh 

As a whitetail hunter, we cannot wait for the rut to get going and for the woods to be on fire with bucks chasing does. Every year, around the same time, bucks have one thing on their mind - does. Read more »  


The Importance of Quality Habitat

by Doug Leier 

For years, biologists have stressed the importance of habitat in maintaining healthy wildlife populations in the long term. Read more »  


The Four Components of Good Habitat

by Doug Leier 

Wildlife management has changed over time. One prime example is the historical practice of feeding wildlife - deer, birds and just about everything in between, especially during winter when people perceive a shortage of food. Read more »  


Do You Go The Distance

by Justin Kornkven 

Have you ever been asked or have you asked yourself why we do this thing we call waterfowling? The reason why I have this huge passion for waterfowl is because there is nothing more that brings excitement to me than seeing ducks maple-leafing into the kill hole,  Read more »  


A Snow Goose Hunter

by Austin Lemieux 

My alarm buzzed; it sounded like a tornado siren going off in my room. I glanced over and sure enough, it was 3:30 A.M. As I finished getting stuff ready, I told myself it was worth it. Read more »